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Successful people always cooperate with each other and these partnerships are what ensure the continuation and development of this success

Therefore, we are proud to be one of the Jotun agents in Egypt, and we provide Jotun paints to the entire Egyptian community through three branches spread all over the country.

[ what we offer ]


The wooden effect of paints is one of the exclusive innovations of Zamzam Company

 We have implemented a wood effect paint with a unique formula that is exclusively available to us.

The result was:

🔸️ Wood paint looks identical to natural wood.

🔸️ Wooden paint costs three times less than wooden sectors.

🔸️ Wood paint retains its appearance and resists various environmental factors, unlike wood.

🔸️ We can apply it to any space of any length and width.

🔸️ It has layers of protection and is not affected by environmental factors such as wood.

🔸️ Can be washed and easy to clean